Friday, November 28, 2008

How to fight terrorism...

As terrorists get bolder and bolder and more delusional, it is time to give them a reality check. Terrorists can never stop and will simply move on to the next target after one disappears. For example, terrorists elements within Sunnis go after Shias if they run out of other groups to hate on.

Here are the steps.
1> There are quite a few people, especially in the US and UK, that say, "We just send money to terrorist groups to get revenge". Report these people to authorities. Money is what drives terrorism.
2> Keep an eye out for people that have uncontrolled rage against other groups out of nowhere. These are the kind of people targeted for recruiting and action. Again, watch for the word "revenge". Report them directly or anonymously.
3> Watch out for people that say that terrorists are only against government and not the people. These are the people most likely to fund terrorists. Report them directly or anonymously.
4> You are likely to hear such words mostly from friends or other that share a common religious or ethnic background. Report them directly or anonymously. Terrorists are not followers of God, they are the devil incarnate. Hateful conversations from any religious group is bad.
5> Do not donate to charities unless you are absolutely sure what they do. Donate to Prime Minister or Chief Minister relief funds when in doubt.
6> Do not carry money on behalf of others when visiting India or Pakistan. Unaccounted money often ends up in the wrong hands.
7> Do not use hawala or unofficial channels to transmit money. The underworld fanatics get a cut out of those transactions.
8> Do not do unofficial bets on cricket games. Corrupt cricket officials get a cut out of those transactions and they are tied to extortion/terrorist groups. BTW, Pakistan will have a spectacular defeat soon just to mess up the spread, now that Javed Mian gets to select the whole team.
9> Walk away from conversations that are hateful. Terrorism begins in the intelligent mind and get implemented by mindless moron. Sindhi master, Punjabi blaster. (Reference: Mad Max movies)
10> Be the possibility of peace and harmony. This is the most important step. Ofcourse, kill a terrorist before he can do harm. But be an incarnation of peace otherwise.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rajnikant's apology and Krishna's blessing....

Rajnikant did the right thing by apologizing to the people of Karnataka for any hurt feelings that may have arisen due to his Hogenakkal speech. There is no point in having property damaged across the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and have the lives and properties of ethnic Tamilians and Kannadigas endangered. We are all Indians first. Rajnikant is probably most acutely aware of that fact, being an ethnic Maharashtrian that worked in Karnataka and then achieved fame in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Life is too precious to be sacrificed over a silly movie.

Plus the film is loosely based on Sudama and Krishna. So Krishna has to protect and not cause damage. Of course a Tamilian who has lived most of his life in Tamil Nadu or a Kannadiga living in Karnataka would be either angry or gleeful as they have never been outside the well of their own state.

Actually it is nice to see some Tamilian anger; they have been worshipping film stars blindly for too long and have been robbed silly in the process. The maximum prosperity that they achieved was possibly under the guidance of a non film star politician, Shri Kamaraj. The film star politicians and their minions have simply filled up their own tummies.

Plus Rajnikant was against the goondas that did property damage; he never said anything about Kannadigas in his original speech. The apology was the weapon that he used against the same goondas so that they do not get the opportunity to tarnish the image of Kannadigas even further.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Divorce education?....

It is indeed a tragedy that women in India that want to get out of a marriage think that suicide is an available option. The death of a Karnataka legislature member's wife is a case in point.

Maybe there were other forces involved too. But there should be no room for a woman that wants to separate from her spouse to even think about this option. Divorce courts and the option of divorce should become more visible in Indian society.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A history of water, water, water....

Received from an anonymous source...

Here is an interesting link to the tussle of almost 150 years over the Cauvery waters between what started out as Mysore and Madras presidencies and now Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Thanks to the last few rulers in the south and Tipu Sultan, the "Tamil" portions receded into the arid parts and Kerala and Karnataka received the more fertile parts, the only exception being the areas in the Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu borders.

The last 40 years have been especially fun, since Kannadigas have become more aware of their identity and started asserting it. The relatively obscure Mysore presidency became Karnataka and the political mismanagement of Tamil Nadu allowed it to ascend from a developmental standpoint by default. The presidencies themselves were not linguistically divided, hence the relative lack of malice among the various South Indian ethnicities. Tamil Nadu's economic demise is owned in part to it's own "kick them out" movement related to the educated upper class, many of whom are now settled in Karnataka and speak poor Tamil and bear the brunt of being Tamilians there.

The Hogenakkal dam is an absolute waste of money and would not be needed if all of South India were a single state. The maximum amount Karnataka seems to have released during drought times seems to be 19 TMC against a supreme court directive of 205 TMC. Even those were accompanied by torching Tamil Nadu related items or violence against ethnic Tamilians. Ofcourse the Hokkenegal dam is not needed if Karnataka releases the required amounts of water. But that is not going to happen as the water is diverted at very high costs to other parts of Karnataka and there are no votes to be gained by letting the water run its natural course. If the water ran it's natural course, Tamil Nadu will definitely get more that what Karnataka finds in its heart to release. But that is water under the bridge now. Dam it!

Friday, April 4, 2008

A dam in Tamil Nadu...a hissy fit in Karnataka...

The Cauvery river flows into Tamil Nadu and then back into Karnataka and then back again into Tamil Nadu in the stretch below.

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Karnataka's point seems to be that somehow the lines of the Cauvery river are the borders of Karnataka, especially at the points along the river here where they will end up with more land as a result. These lines have been drawn since independence, so the argument is absurd. Plus they would have to give back Belgaum to Maharashtra with such an argument. So the Kannadiga "nationalist parties" are definitely trying to have their cake and eat it too. They have gotten used to Tamil Nadu water sufferings and feel infuriated that Tamil Nadu can do something to solve the problem without "the annual begging" that goes on during droughts.

Plus they keep attacking Tamil movie theaters at any available opportunity, prompting a token hunger strike by the Tamil film stars. Upcoming elections in Karnataka compound the issue; Tamil bashing is one of the best ways to get votes in Karnataka for nationalist Kannadiga parties.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eight days and done...

The new government lasts for eight days. Back to choas and potentially re-elections.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chief Minister derby.....

The Indian de"mock"racy spectacle is playing out in Karnataka. We tend to have one state per year on the average undergoing this scenario. Here are some suggestions to keep the politicians honest.

- A party switching incumbent will lose his seat in the legislature. The seat remains with the party and not with the person.
- Prime Minister/Chief Minister always gets to complete his term. This ensures the required continuity and eliminates mass changes at short notice.

The current system allows a few bad apples/highly principled people to create a total mess in terms of the power structure. The people deserve a stable government, not a two ring circus.